What is the key to Information Systems project success in the new millennium? We believe that the critical success factors are professional, proactive, and productive project management. TriPro’s management philosophy is based upon these success factors.

A proven track record. TriPro’s principal is Robert J. Carty, an MBA and Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Carty has spent over three decades tackling major IS projects worth over a quarter billion dollars. In his final corporate assignment, he headed up the project management function for Exxon’s worldwide computing and network services affiliate.

Don't fix your problems - prevent them. TriPro aims to eliminate problems before they happen. We can help you avoid trouble through a simple yet effective protocol: proactive planning, ongoing assessment, and timely follow-up.

The right attitude, the right balance. TriPro adds value by promoting a project management culture and developing “just enough” process. We strive to optimize project efficiency and discipline, while minimizing overhead.