As a rule, the more experienced the project manager and team, the more successful the project. Given the pace of technological change, however, it's getting more difficult to put the right talent in the right place.

Heavy workloads put further strain on an already limited project management staff. Universities are reducing management coursework just to provide adequate technical coverage. We need to find ways to leverage our scarce project management resources.

What can you do if you don't have the project management resources you need?

TriPro offers “direct project support” and mentoring. We will establish an ongoing relationship between the consultant and your project team, mentoring your staff at key project checkpoints. We can help you:

Design the project organization
Define roles and responsibilities
Prepare the team and start the project
Review the specifications
Condition third-party bids or proposals
Review the work plans and schedules
Develop and review cost estimates
Coordinate quality assurance activities
Prepare management presentations