Leadership. The IS Project Office is the source of the project management organization's strategic leadership, discipline, and culture.

The Project Office:

• Develops and promotes a consistent project management process across the business units.
• Identifies and communicates project management best practices.
Coaches project managers regarding application of project management processes and practices.
Assesses project progress and performance.

The Project Office must balance the duties of mentoring and monitoring the project managers’ activities. Too much monitoring may lead to bureaucracy, while too little mentoring may result in major project failures. Experience, credibility, and strong management support are the critical success factors of the Project Office.

TriPro may contribute in several ways. First, we can work with our client's organization to establish a project office and develop appropriate operating processes. Second, we can supplement the client's project office by performing specific functions such as independent project assessments and mentoring selected project teams. Third, some companies do not have the in-house resources to establish and sustain a project office. In these cases TriPro can take on the full responsibilities of a project office.