Don't fly blind. Before proceeding with an IS project, you should consider an objective review of project status, plans, schedules, estimates, technical directions, and benefit valuations. To ignore these assessments up-front is to invite disaster - especially with larger, more expensive, or more strategic projects.

TriPro provides comprehensive project evaluations known as Independent Project Assessments (IPAs). In conducting an IPA, TriPro will work with your management and project team to identify issues, risks, and opportunities, and to develop recommendations accordingly.

IPA's are normally conducted after systems specifications and firm estimates and schedules have been developed. However, an IPA may be scheduled at any time to provide management with assurance of a project's effectiveness.

TriPro will organize and facilitate IPAs from three perspectives: (1) project management; (2) business fit; and (3) technical soundness. As a result, you can expect lower project costs, improved on-time delivery, and an increased probability of meeting business objectives.